Private Ballroom Dance Lessons

Are you serious about learning to dance? Well you have come to the right place! We provide fun and enjoyable privateballroom dance lessons that will improve your ballroom dance technique and make you look like a pro on the dance floor!

Want To Learn Fast?

Private ballroom dance lessons are absolutely the easiest, most effective and fastest way to learn dancing. With private ballroom lessons you can achieve your ballroom dance goals quickly and easily. The personal attention you receive from one dedicated 45 minute private ballroom dance lessons is equal to three or four hours of any other type.

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There has never been a better way to experience the fun of learning to ballroom dance than with our special new student dance lesson! No partner required.

Our special new student dance lesson includes:

  • A private ballroom dance consultation (15 minutes)
  • 1 Private ballroom lesson (45 minutes)

Get our new student dance lesson at 50% off our single lesson rate (Offer applies to new students only).


Find out why By Your Side Dance Studio is the friendliest dance studio and the best ballroom dance studio in Los Angeles featuring a complete series of ballroom dance classes, swing dance classes, salsa dance classes, tango dance classes and much more for all levels!

Offer Details: This introductory offer is good for one new student individual lesson or one new student couples lesson only. Couples who choose to take a class together may only use one introductory offer coupon per couple. Thank you for your understanding.

Private Ballroom Dance Lesson Prices

(Prices are the same for 1 or 2 people)

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The Best Private Ballroom Dancing Lessons in Los Angeles

From our Beginner to Advanced customized private ballroom dancing lesson programs, we set the standard of excellence for ballroom dancing lessons in Los Angeles. Come on in, meet new people and have fun at the best ballroom dance studio in Los Angeles!

No matter your level of ballroom dance, our friendly, patient and experienced ballroom dance instructors can help you improve your ballroom dance skills and have fun in the process.

The International Standard and International Latin Ballroom Dances

Per the World Dance Council, “Ballroom dance” typically refers to the ten dances of International Ballroom (or International Standard) and International Latin, though the term is also often used interchangeably with the five International Ballroom dances.

The International Standard Ballroom Dances

  1. Waltz
  2. Tango
  3. Viennese Waltz
  4. Foxtrot
  5. Quickstep

Our ballroom dance instructor Alex Demkin performs a beautiful slow foxtrot

The International Latin Ballroom Dances

  1. Samba
  2. Cha Cha
  3. Rumba
  4. Paso Doble
  5. Jive (Swing Dancing)

Our ballroom dance instructor Alex Demkin with an impressive performance of the International Latin dance the Cha Cha

The Ballroom Dance Medal System

The Medal System is designed for students who want to be well-rounded social ballroom dancers or competitive ballroom dancers. The Medal System is an organized system of syllabus figures used worldwide to keep track of your ballroom dancing progress. Syllabus figures, or “school figures,” as they are sometimes called are small patterns of steps that embody the primary elements of ballroom dance. These figures, or patterns, are split into three escalating levels of difficulty designated as “bronze,” “silver” or “gold” levels. This is to enable the student to master each level before moving up to the challenge of the next, more difficult level. Diligent study and practice of these ballroom dancing elements at each level will produce a capable, well-rounded social or competitive ballroom dancer.

The Bronze Medal Program is designed for the ballroom dance student who wants to become a Good Social Dancer. A Bronze ballroom dancer is considered to be fun to dance with and a good ballroom dancer in all the popular social dance styles. Bronze dancers have a nice dance style and are able to dance with confidence at any dance occasion.

The Silver Medal Program is designed for the ballroom dance student who wishes to become and Advanced Social Dancer. Silver ballroom dancers are set apart by their style and versatility on the dance floor in all dance styles. These dancers are sought after on the dance floor.

The Gold Medal Program is designed for the student who wishes to become an Excellent Ballroom Dancer. Gold Medal ballroom dancers have a complete and thorough knowledge of all the ballroom dance styles giving them complete confidence on the dance floor. Advanced style and poise sets Gold Standard Ballroom Dancers apart from the rest.

Now is the time to learn how to ballroom dance!

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