Learn to Dance with Fun Adult Dance Classes in Los Angeles

Sometimes people are reluctant to take adult dance classes because they are scared that they may look foolish. There is a preconceived notion that dance classes are a strict environment filled with extremely flexible dancers and mean instructors who yell all the time but at By Your Side Dance Studio our adult dance classes are not like that at all.

Our dance classes in Los Angeles are like a fun social outing and a chance to relax and have fun while learning to express one’s self through the art of dancing. No matter your dance proficiency, we guarantee that you will have fun at our dance lessons while receiving excellent instruction from our professional dance instructors.


We offer a variety of dance classes including:

  • Three dynamic levels of Salsa and other Latin dances
  • Professional Argentine Tango
  • Fun and exciting East Coast and West Coast Swing
  • Professional caliber Ballroom dance instruction
  • Tap dancing and much more!

Learn to dance with a free group class

Now for a limited time get your first Group Dance Class absolutely free! No partner or previous experience is required, just bring yourself and be prepared to have fun! (Offer applies to new students only.)


The Benefits of Dance

Learning to dance offers many health benefits as well as being a wonderful way to relax and get some exercise at the end of a busy day. The health benefits of dancing include:

Dancing Decreased Stress Levels

Our days are filled with so much stress. Too much stress can be hazardous not only to your mental health but also to your physical health. Attending a dance class for adults on a weekly basis is a great stress reliever.

People who attend our adult dance classes are able to let go of the stress of the day, learn new dance moves and have fun dancing to the music. By the end of the dancing lesson chances are you will have completely forgotten about all the negative stress that you experienced throughout the day!

Dancing is A Great Way to Meet New People

Meeting people and making new friends can be difficult especially if you work a lot. Our adult dance classes provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet new people and learn to dance with different partners. By dancing with different partners you will become a better dancer, be exposed to different dance styles and have more confidence on the dance floor.

Plus, when you are at an event or night club that has Salsa or Swing music you will be comfortable hitting the dance floor with your friends and showing off your new dance moves.

Dancing is a Healthy Physical Activity

Exercising is essential to leading a healthy and strong life but not everyone likes going to the gym and running on a treadmill. Attending group dance classes on a regular basis is a beneficial form of physical activity that burns calories and will help you stay fit and healthy.

About By Your Side Dance Studio

By Your Side Studio is the friendliest dance studio in LA and we’d love to have you stop by to try out one of our dance classes in Los Angeles. It is a great opportunity to see first-hand how much fun dancing can be!

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