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Give the Perfect Gift for Valentines Day – Give the Gift of Dance!

valentines-day-promoLooking for a truly romantic gift this Valentines Day? Give the gift of dance! Nothing is more romantic than a beautiful dance together!

Our dance lesson gift certificates can include any number of private dance lessons or group dance classes, or a combination of both, and are the perfect way to share the joy of dancing with someone special. Stop by the dance studio and we will help you create an unforgettable dance lesson gift certificate.

Valentine’s Day New Student Dance Package

For a limited time we are also offering a special introductory dance lesson package. The introductory dance lesson package includes 3 private dance lessons and allows the recipient to enjoy the experience of learning any dance they choose.

Valentine’s Day New Student Dance Package
(Offer good until February 14, 2015)

  • 1 Dance consultation and 1/2 hour lesson
  • 2 Private Dance Lessons
  • Offer available to new students only

Special Only: $214 .00
Regular Value: $285.00
Save: $71.00

Call 310-391-0400 To Order A Gift Certificate Today!

We will be happy to help you design the perfect gift of dance for someone special in your life! Dance lesson gift certificates can be picked up in person or mailed to you after you have made your order.

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Join Us February 14 For The Dancesport Ballroom Dance Competition Championships

dancesport-ballroom-dance-competitionThis Valentine’s Day we invite you to our Studio Field Trip to the California Open Dancesport Ballroom Dance Competition Championships! Deborah and Guillermo will be competing that night in the Professional American Rhythm ballroom dancing category. The night will wrap up with a special Valentine’s Day ballroom dancing showcase you will not want to miss.

If you have never attended a ballroom dance competition this is a great way to see what it’s all about. Get your ticket today and join our By Your Side cheering section! Cheering, whistling and pom-poms highly encouraged!

The Dancesport Ballroom Dance Competition

  • February 14, 2015 @ 7PM
  • Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa, CA
  • Contact Guillermo at for further details.
  • Tickets sold at the studio
  • Show $50; Dinner & Show $125
  • Cash Only. Money Orders acceptable payable to California Open.

About The California Open Dancesport Championships

The California Open Dancesport Ballroom Dance Competition Championships is one of the largest ballroom dance competitions in California and features ballroom dancers and top ballroom dancing talent from California. Dancesport ballroom dance competitions are sanctioned and regulated by Dancesport organizations at the national and international level, such as the World DanceSport Federation. The goal is to ultimately gain Olympic recognition for competitive ballroom dancing as a official Olympic sport.

February 14th Schedule of Events

Amateur Events

  • Formation Team-Latin
  • Open Amateur Latin Scholarship
  • Open Amateur Smooth Championship
  • Amateur Theater Arts Scholarship

Professional Events

  • Open Professional Rhythm
  • Open Professional Smooth
  • Open Professional Latin
  • Open Professional Ballroom


  • Valentine’s Day Surprise Ballroom Dance Showcase


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Beginner Argentine Tango Lessons

argentine-tango-deborah-and-jordiThere is probably no other dance that has the romantic and sensual expression of the Argentine Tango.

The Argentine tango is often described as the most romantic of all the dances. Now you can experience the beauty, passion and romance of the Argentine Tango with our new series of beginner Argentine tango lessons.


  • Level 1: Saturdays – 4:45 – 5:30 pm
  • Level 1.5: Saturdays – 5:30 – 6:15 pm
  • Level 2: Saturdays – 6:15 – 7:30 pm

Argentine Tango

This series will help develop a more comprehensive understanding of how to “connect the dots”. A strong focus will be placed on Argentine tango improvisation, navigation and timing as well as an introduction to the two main systems: Parallel and Cross System. In addition, students will learn how to combine the core elements and implement new figures essential to Argentine Tango. Lastly, students will be introduced to the social dance etiquette preparing them for the tango socials (Milongas/Practicas).

For more information on our Tango lessons call 310-391-0400

Here are a couple of videos of our fantastic tango instructor Jordi Caballero. In 2007, Jordi was an associate producer and co-star of Valentina’s Tango, opposite celebrated tango master Guillermina Quiroga.

Jordi Caballero & Zita Gonzalez dance the tango to “Verano Porteno” at the Downey Theatre in California

Monica Orozco & Jordi Caballero perform in “Tango Evolution” at the Downey Theatre in California

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Help Us Spread The Word

man-w-megaphoneThank you for your business and we hope you are enjoying your dance classes at By Your Side Dance Studio. We strive to be the best dance studio in Los Angeles and your opinion counts!

If you have a moment please consider sharing the details of the dance class you attended and your experience at By Your Side Dance Studio. It takes no time at all to leave a recommendation and help us spread the word about our business.

If you are a Yelper visit us on Yelp.

If you are a Gmail or Google user visit our Google Plus page.

If you are a Facebook user visit our CitySearch page.

Finally, if you have any problems or suggestions on how we can improve our service please either speak to me directly or send me a message here.

Thank you for your consideration.




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By Your Side Dance Studio Voted Best Dance Studio In Los Angeles

Best Dance Studio In Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA – By Your Side Dance Studio, a ballroom dance studio that makes learning to dance easy and fun for people of all ages and abilities, announced today that they have received the Top Choice Award for Best Dance Studio in Los Angeles by Top Choice Awards. Top Choice Awards is an organization that identifies businesses that have risen above their competition and have earned the people’s vote in top cities around the world.

“The public has been voting for the past three months and the results were clear! By Your Side Dance Studio has demonstrated top quality, service, value and professionalism in providing the best ballroom dance lessons and adult dance classes to the people of Los Angeles,” said Francesca Filippelli of Top Choice Awards.

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Silver Level Ballroom Dance Classes

Silver Level Ballroom on Fridays Starting @ 7:00 pm

ballroom-lessons-in-la-bugThis month we are offering two Silver Level Ballroom Classes. In the Ballroom class we rotate between Foxtrot, Tango and Waltz. In the Rhythm class we rotate between Cha Cha, Rumba and Swing. You must have a very strong understanding of Bronze Technique and have taken enough Level 3 Ballroom classes before taking this class.

Pre-approval by an instructor is a must for this class.

  • Class: Ballroom
  • Day: Fridays 7:00 - 7:45 pm
  • Class: Rhythm
  • Day: Fridays 7:45 – 8:30 pm
  • Level: Level 3 Ballroom and instructor pre-approval required.
  • Cost: $15 per class

Call 310-391-0400 to reserve your spot today!

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Become a Better Ballroom Dancer More Quickly with Ballroom Dancing Medals

Taking ballroom dancing lessons allows you to improve your coordination, get a great dance workout, and most importantly have fun. But, if there are no set goals for a ballroom dance lesson, your dance lessons can quickly become dull and unexciting. Ballroom dancing medals help improve your ballroom dancing and make you a better ballroom dancer more quickly with progressive dance instruction and achievable goals.

What are Ballroom Dancing Medals?

The word ‘medal’ makes it appear as if these are physical awards that are given to ballroom dancers to show off a big win at a recent competition but they’re not. Ballroom dancing medals are awarded for accomplishment in ballroom dancing technique.

Ballroom dance students have the opportunity to take part in what is known as the Medal Test. A ballroom dancing Medal Test is an event that allows students to have their dance skills assessed and evaluated by an independent source.

Dance students can work on ballroom dancing medals in a number of different dance styles ranging from Foxtrot and Waltz, to Swing, Salsa, and Tango. Students have the option to achieve their ballroom dance medals in either one style or multiple ballroom dance styles.

Ballroom dancing medals are awarded for showing an understanding of technique and footwork for a particular level. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

How Ballroom Dancing Medals are Awarded

Dancers take the dance floor only when the music is being played for a specific ballroom dance style. The dancer then dances a pre-set routine with another partner or with their teacher and the ballroom dance is judged by a panel of independent judges.

The independent judges will assess a dancer based off of the following criteria:

  • Footwork
  • Lead and Follow Technique
  • Dance Style
  • Timing

If it is determined that the ballroom dancer has met or exceeded the expectations for a specific dance level they will be awarded a certificate and an award. Once they have received their certificate or ballroom dance medal they can now move on to the next level and work on harder, more complex ballroom dance sequences and dance techniques.

Why Medals in Ballroom Dancing Matter

Taking part in the ballroom dancing medal test is not required in order to enjoy the art of ballroom dancing but it is encouraged. Earning medals in ballroom dancing is encouraged because having attainable dancing goals can really improve your dancing and make you a better ballroom dancer much more quickly.

Ballroom dancing medals matter to students because:

  • Dance lessons are focused and dedicated
  • Students have dance goals and an outline of what they want to achieve
  • Dancers feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they achieve their ballroom dance medals

Get 55% Off Our New Student Dance Lesson

There has never been a better way to experience the fun of learning to ballroom dance than with our special new student dance lesson!

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Ballroom Dancing Tip: Swing Dancing Closed Position

ballroom-dancing-tip-swing-dancingFor this Ballroom Dancing Tip we cover the Aspects of Connection in Swing Closed Position: Connection in Swing Closed Position differs from Rhythm and Latin Closed Position in the following ways:

Keep Joined Hands Low: There is a tendency for students to lift the joined hands. For well-connected leading and following, it is important that the joined hands are low at the Follower’s waist or hip level.

Leader’s Right Arm: While the Leader’s right elbow may not be as high as in other Closed Position frames, take care not to let it drop down – it is important to maintain the stretch and tone in the Leader’s right and Follower’s left sides.

Also, when dancing back breaks in Swing closed Position, the Leader’s right arm must be responsive and expand with the Follower’s back (so as not to restrict the Follower’s back step and allow for a larger V-sharpe or Fallaway Position to occur).

Follower’s Right Arm: The Follower’s right arm has a sense of lightness, connecting with the Leader without pressing down.

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Preparing For A Ballroom Dance Competition

With many of our ballroom dance students competing or preparing to compete this year, as well as those on the fence about it, I thought I’d post this information.

Why Compete In A Ballroom Dance Competition?

Going to a ballroom dance competition is a fun and thrilling experience. Ballroom dance competitions are usually held at a hotel so that ballroom dancers from all over the country (and even the world) can attend. It is typically a one to three day event, running from morning until midnight, consisting of ballroom competitions, professional ballroom dance shows, dancing workshops and general ballroom dancing.

ballroom-dance-competitionDancing in a ballroom dance competition has many benefits. Students who participate in ballroom dance competitions tend to learn faster and dance with a better technique and more style than students who focus solely on the social aspect of dancing. One of the biggest advantages is that ballroom dance competitions create goals. As students learn the figures and technique they need for the ballroom dance competition, they get more value from their private lessons. Students’ dancing improves by leaps and bounds, and they enjoy the experience of increased poise and confidence on the dance floor.

Competitions are also a great place for dance students to meet people with whom they have something in common. Everyone at the ballroom dance competition – from the newest dancer to the seasoned veteran – has worked hard to get there. This builds a feeling of camaraderie among the ballroom dancers. By the end of the weekend, students usually feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and are inspired to learn even more.

Some students may say they don’t like “competition.” However, I can reassure you that the environment at most Dancesport ballroom dance competitions is one of friendliness and support as most students are focused on the progress in their own individual dancing. Competitions also give students the opportunity to work with their dance instructor on setting their goals, practicing hard, and then going out on the dance floor and dancing their personal best.

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The Difference Between Clubs and Dance Studios For Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles


There is something mysteriously attractive, fascinating and seductive about the Latin sounds of Salsa music. There is just something about Salsa that makes you just want to get up and dance! But first you need to know how to salsa dance. But where is the best place to learn to Salsa dance?

Several Salsa clubs and dance studios offer Salsa lessons in Los Angeles. While both options will essentially teach you the basics of Salsa dancing, there are distinct differences between each venue.

Learning The Right Way or Just Social Dancing

Before signing up for salsa lessons at a dance studio or a club, you should first ask yourself – what do I want to get out of these Salsa lessons? Do I just want to get out and have fun, or do I want to really learn how to Salsa dance?

If you just want to get out and have fun, the club scene might be a better option for you. Club salsa classes are designed with the sole purpose of attracting individuals to a particular club. Think of them as an incentive for visiting the club and not an actual dance lesson. While these classes will teach basic Salsa dance steps, the main focus is to bring people together, encourage them to socialize, drink and have fun.

A professional dance studio takes a completely different approach. A Salsa dance studio is focused on helping you learn how to dance – the right way. The Salsa teachers at a dance studio are focused on helping their dance students perfect their skills and dancing technique.

That isn’t to say that dance studios do not encourage socialization and having fun. Taking a class at a dance studio is often a lot fun! The difference is that the focus is on improving dance technique while building dance connection by dancing with different dance partners.

Taking Salsa Lessons From Professionals Salsa Teachers Versus (?)

All teachers – at clubs and dance studios – have some type of Salsa dancing experience. What that actual experience is may be is a different story.

The experience of those who teach at Salsa clubs throughout Los Angeles often varies. Sometimes these teachers are professional dance instructors, while often times it is an amateur dancer who just has a passing interest in salsa dancing and wishes to teach others.

At By Your Side Dance Studio, we offer Salsa lessons in Los Angeles taught by professional Salsa dance instructors who have many, many years of dancing and teaching experience. Our Salsa teachers are professional dancers who have won numerous awards not only for Salsa dancing but also other Latin dances as well as ballroom dancing.

Salsa Performance by Laura Canellias and Jerry Gabaldon.

Not sure if experience matters? It does. If you learn Salsa dancing from an inexperienced teacher, it could result in you learning the wrong technique and could even cause an injury on the dance floor.

Sometimes experiencing a Salsa class for yourself is the only way to see just how fun it can be. Why not try a free Salsa class at By Your Side Dance Studio and see first-hand just how fun and exciting our Salsa lessons are. You will learn the right way to dance in a professionally structured Salsa class and discover just how much fun Salsa dancing can be. No partner or dance experience necessary!

Get your first Group Salsa Class absolutely free! No partner required.

First Name:
Last Name:
Your Email:
Offer applies to new students only.

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Our Ballroom Dancers Win Big At The Emerald Ball Ballroom Dancing Competition!

emerald-ballroom-dancing-competitionWe are so proud of all of our ballroom dancers who competed at the recent Emerald Ball Ballroom dancing competition!

Congratulations to all the By Your Side Dance Studio Students who competed at one of the largest dance competitions in the nation, the Emerald Ball, winning almost all first places and a few second places. Out of 62 ballroom dancing entries we had an incredible 56 first places and 6 second places!!!

Visit our Facebook page to see all the photos of our amazing ballroom dancers!

Dancing in a Ballroom Dance Competition

Ballroom dancing has become increasingly popular in recent years with shows like Dancing With The Stars”. Competitive ballroom dancing often gives ballroom dancers the incentive move forward and accomplish their ballroom dancing goals while showcasing their skills and competing with their peers.

A ballroom dance competition is divided into four main categories:
American Rhythm – Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Mambo
American Smooth – Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz
International Latin – Jive, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble
International Standard – Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz

The competition is also divided into sections by the ballroom dancer’s level of experience.

In a ballroom dance competition it’s all about selling the character of the dance.

The most exciting aspect about entering a ballroom dance competition is that you are “on stage” from the second you set foot on the dance floor to the second you get off. That includes walking on, waiting for the music, dancing, and walking off the floor.

Here are a few of the characteristics and expressions you should be showing when dancing in a ballroom dance competition:

- Smile! This is supposed to be fun, remember? So look like you are enjoying yourself in all dances (except maybe in the rumba and tango where “fun” is not appropriate.)

- Big, big smiles. Look like you’re having the most fun you have ever had in your entire life.

- Sensual & Flirtatious. Partners should be teasing each other. Game of now you have me, now you don’t. (works for the Samba as well)

- Steamy and romantic. Gaze deep into each other’s eyes. Show the lust!

Waltz & Viennese Waltz
- Elegant and graceful. Float across the floor angelically.

- Smile and look pleased. Get a nice, relaxed, noproblem look about yourself and feel the music. Look like you are taking a leisurely Sunday stroll in the park.

- Serious and dramatic. You’re tough, and you dare anyone in the place to say otherwise. Leaders, you partner is a prize trophy, show her off.

Take your ballroom dancing to the next level

Contact Deborah at 310-391-0400 if you are interested in participating in a ballroom dance competition and learning the ballroom dance techniques that will take your ballroom dancing to the next level.

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Adult Tap Dancing Class Starting Saturday June 14

Tap Classes Los Angeles

Tap dancing classes start Saturday June 14!
Ready to put some rhythm into your life?
Want to have fun while burning calories and getting fit?
Join the best tap dancing class in Los Angeles!

Adult Tap Level 1

This class focuses on Level 1 footwork and learning a choreographed routine.

  • Start Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
  • Dates: Saturdays 11:30 – 12:15pm
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Cost: $130.00 for 10 classes

Adult Tap Level 2

This class focuses on Level 2 footwork and learning a choreographed routine to “Watch the Birdie” by Lisa Stansfield.

  • Start Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
  • Dates: Saturdays 12:15 – 1:00pm
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Cost: $130.00 for 10 classes

Adult Tap Level 3

This class consists of Level 3 footwork and a learning a choreographed routine to “Cups” by Pitch Perfect!

  • Start Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
  • Dates: Saturdays 1:00 – 1:45pm
  • Length: 10 weeks
  • Cost: $130.00 for 10 classes

Tap dancing is a great way to get in shape, feel the rhythm of the music and add flair to your dancing. Tap dancing is recommended for all dancers no matter your style or ability.

We pride ourselves on having the best comprehensive and progressive set of tap dancing classes in Los Angeles. If you are a little nervous about learning tap dancing you may take the first tap class at our single lesson rate of $15 to try it out.  If you decide to continue with the course, you can simply pay the difference for the full 10 week series.

By Your Side Dance Studio
12613 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(X-Street is Centinela)

Call 310-391-0400 to reserve your spot today! These classes fill up fast.


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Dancing Makes You Smarter


For decades doctors and scientists have talked about the health benefits of dancing but these studies have typically promoted the benefits of dancing as a physical exercise. Now recent research suggests that not only is dancing a great method for stress reduction and promoting a sense of well-being, but dancing can even make you smarter!

A recent study published in the New England Medical Journal indicates that participation in leisure activities such as dancing has been associated with a lower risk of dementia in the elderly. In fact of all the activities studied, dancing was associated with a 76% reduced risk of dementia.

While many activities such as reading books, doing crossword puzzles and playing musical instruments were beneficial to the brain not many physical activities such as playing golf, swimming or bicycling offered the same mental benefits. There was only one activity that combined the physical and mental benefits and offered protection from dementia – and that was dancing!

The study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine revealed that dancing has a positive effect and can improve the health of the brain. The study specifically measured four factors as they related to dancing:

  • Cognitive memory
  • Sense of well-being
  • Serotonin levels
  • Stress levels

The study found that dancing frequently was the best activity for maintaining both mental and physical health. Dancing seems to incorporate several brain functions that stimulate the brain and provide a sense of well-being. Some of these functions include listening to enjoyable music and creatively thinking and coordinating your dance moves with your dance partner. When someone dances, they are improving their mental capabilities. And by keeping the brain active, the brain’s health can be maintained which makes one smarter and less likely to lose memories.

How does dancing make you smarter?

It appears that the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of our brains are very elastic which means that they can rewire themselves. By utilizing our brain in coordination with our body, dancing helps keep the brain functioning by rewiring itself and keeping brain pathways open. This combination of creative thinking and physical activity also promotes serotonin levels which elevate our happiness and reduces our stress levels. Dancing simply seems to stimulate the brain in a constructive way that helps to maintain brain health and make the brain less likely to lose memories. Dancing is a fun and engaging mental and physical challenge which stimulates neural pathways in the brain for long-term brain health.

So there you have it – dancing, which is so much fun, is also is a great way to work out the brain and body, reduce stress and keep those brain cells and neural pathways active! See you on the dance floor.

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